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Collection: I'bbz

I'bbz philosophy is a pretty simple one, they create the bouldering gear that they need themselves to climb, with a pioneering spirit, without ever imitating.

Their playground; it's difficult to know for certain, if bouldering was born here in Fontainebleau, but it is not improbable.

It's thousands of incredible rocks are an irrepressible invitation to play with verticality and gravity. Fontainebleau, is a fabulous playground and a real open-air laboratory!

Here were born the first climbing shoes, the first circuits and the first Triple Pad...A true pioneering spirit has reigned there since the beginnings of climbing.

Fontainebleau or Bleau simply for the locals, is a magnetic place and even, why not, magic?

This playground has also been their field of experimentation since 1996, it allows them to design products, test them and immediately adapt them as closely as possible to the needs of bouldering.

Is there a better place to IMAGINE, DESIGN AND TEST your ideas and new products?

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